About us

Foddi’s farm is located in the hills of Fosdinovo, a medieval village of Lunigiana, the ancient seat of the Malaspina marquises. The Farm came into being 42 years ago, covers about 7 hectares and consists of an olive grove, two orchards, a small vineyard for family use and a wood. For almost thirty years our production has been obtained without the use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides, with the utmost respect for the environment.

The varieties of fruit grown are mostly old native cultivars patiently researched and reproduced by the owner Maria Angela Foddi. Among them we remember the BurĂ² pear, the rotella apple, the S.Giovanni plum, the maggese apple (very fragrant summer apple), the Fiorone fig of Fosdinovo. From these ancient fruits, in a small laboratory, the owner produces quality jams, using organic cane sugar, without adding pectin.

From a vast collection of old roses, cuttings are produced and so also old cultivars of fruit trees and vegetables.

The olive grove, whose plant dates back at least to the 18th century, covers about 2 hectares and consists mainly of the razzo variety (similar to the frantoio) and other local varieties such as the lantesco. The oil produced, is cold-pressed from olives harvested direcly from the plant and pressed within 48 hours.

Great attention has been given to protecting the environment: the farm has a photovoltaic system and two solar systems for hot water production; to prevent erosion the soil is always covered with grass; an underground cistern was built to collect rainwater and the garden and vegetable garden are irrigated by fall.

Our products can be purchased on the farm: extra virgin olive oil packaged in 0.5 L bottles or in 5L cans, jams and marmala in 230g jars.